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Our Employees - Takumi Aonuma

Staff Message

Takumi Aonuma Takumi Aonuma

Takumi Aonuma

Tokyo Polytechnic University/Faculty of Arts, Department of Imaging Art, Class of 2019

My name is Takumi Aonuma. I just started to work for Screw last year as a grip.

When I was in film school, I have learned how camera support equipment is instrumental in moving those heavy cameras freely and effortlessly to help filmmakers visually tell stories in movies and commercials. I decided to join Screw because I was fascinated by these highly specialized and versatile camera support gears. I want to get a lot of hands-on experience with the equipment, be able to understand the visions of the directors/cinematographers, and learn how provide them the solutions.

Whenever I get the opportunity to accompany our aerial team, I am studying the workflow of aerial cinematography and preparing myself to become an operator in the future.

I enjoy my work everyday because I love film making and film equipment.