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Our Employees - Yahiko Iura

Staff Message

Yahiko Iura Yahiko Iura

Yahiko Iura

Tokyo Visual Arts / Department of Broadcasting, Class of 2016

My name is Yahiko Iura. I have been working for Screw for 4 years as a grip.

People outside film industry may not have much idea about what grips do. I was one of them. A few years ago, I decided to become a grip when I saw a crane operator operating this enormous crane at a concert.
I didn't know the word "grip" then, so I googled and researched all about this line of work.

We grips provide camera support systems that help cinematographers create the camera movements in movies and TV commercials. If the camera operators only had tripods, the camera movements will be limited by the tool they have. When they want to move the camera left and right or up and down, grips come in with camera support equipment to provide the movement.
With the help of our highly specialized camera support equipment, we make the shots together with the directors and cinematographers. It is a very exciting line of work to create images that excite and move the audience. And I feel great satisfaction when I see the projects I worked on on TV and big screens.

I am only an assistant today, but I am working hard everyday to one day become a great operator myself.