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Our Employees - Saya Hoshino

Staff Message

Saya Hoshino Saya Hoshino

Saya Hoshino

Native of Kanagawa Prefecture,
graduated from Kokugakuin University

I have been working for Screw for 2 years as an assistant operator. I was always fascinated with the dynamic and fluid camera movements in movies, commercials, and music videos, and how they can visually convey the mood and human emotions. Although many people see being a female grip as a disadvantage, especially with the physical ability to handle heavy equipments, I believe that being a female grip also comes with certain advantages. To be a good grip requires more than brute strength, and I am determined to show that my female sensibility and intuition can contribute something extra that my male counterparts cannot. To have all the technical knowledge is important without a doubt, but I would like to enhance my creativity and critical thinking ability while I train as an assistant.