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Our Employees - Hiroyuki Inoue

Staff Message

Hiroyuki Inoue Hiroyuki Inoue

Hiroyuki Inoue

Native of Kyoto Prefecture,
Graduated from Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences.

I am Screw’s chief technician/key grip and have been working for Screw for 17 years. Before I joined Screw, I didn’t have the slightest idea what grips do, but I was very much fascinated with the concept and jumped right in with both feet. Unlike some of my colleagues who studied in film/art schools, everything on the set was a new experience to me. I found the irregular life style hard at the beginning; however, working on new projects, meeting new people, and dealing with unique challenges excited me and got me going. I take pride in my work as a grip and do my best to help our clients realize their visions by suggesting the best tools and approaches for the particular shots. It is thrilling to be part of the process of finding the right camera movements that give meaning to the shots and immerse the audience. I am also very proud that our company Screw is always challenging the industry standards, staying proactive in exploring new technologies, and working with new manufacturers.