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Shotover G1

3 axis stabilized remote head by Shotover,
the leading producer of aerial camera heads today.


Versatile camera head that can be mounted on motorcycles, cablecams, and even on motorboats.
Elegantly designed and makes a perfect combination with Black Arm.


Field of view PAN:360° TILT: +65° ~ -120° ROLL : +/-65°
Max. speed 100°/sec.
Environmental -20 ~ +50℃
Controller Joystick
Wireless Link 200m(Silvus Stream Caster 4200)
*Resintered 5ghz wireless system
Wired cable length 12m(Head to Ground Station)
Power Ground Station 20-60VDC 960W(MAX)
Remote Head 20-34VDC 1.2KW(MAX)
Weight 5.7kg
Max. camera weight Approx.20kg
Mounting base Mitchell Mount